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    Ryan Wiggins

    Ryan Wiggins is Atibal’s best looking sponsored shooter, and arguably the best looking man of his generation. He was born and raised in Arizona and was exposed to the outdoors and firearms at a young age.

    Ryan served in the United States Navy from 2007-2012 as a Mineman attached to Underwater Mine Countermeasures Crew Dominant. He deployed 3 times to the Middle East and played around in Central America a time or two. While in the Navy, he was given the title of “Gun Captain” and took charge of all crew served weapons and communications during hostile events and restricting maneuvering doctrines.

    After exiting the Navy, Ryan went to college where he used his GI Bill to study Wildlife Biology and Oceanography in order to become a Game Warden. Ryan also received a scholarship from the state of California and the office of Arnold Schwarzenegger to attend even more college. He averaged 27 credits per semester while going to school in California. Weeks before attending the California Dept. of Fish and Game “Game Warden Academy”, Ryan and 49 other recruits received an email stating that California no longer had funding for the Academy. So Ryan packed up his gear and headed back home to Arizona.

    Ryan went back to school, this time for Gunsmithing. He became a licensed gunsmith and operated a successful business for a few years, while also working for a master gunsmith in town. Eventually, Ryan decided that the marketing and advertising side of the firearms industry may be a little more rewarding, so he moved to Gearfire, where he helps run 1400+ retail websites for the industry.

    Ryan is also the Match Director for 3-Gun Nation Club Series Arizona. He hosts a monthly 3Gun match at Ben Avery shooting facility, on top of traveling monthly to shoot 3Gun elsewhere in the country.


    Jeff Johnston

    Jeff Johnston was born and raised in Madison, GA, where he currently lives, and is a Technician at General Mills in Covington, GA. He previously worked in the residential remodeling business for 20+ years, until the 2008 housing market crash brought about a need for change. He is married to his best friend, and the joy of his life, Joy Johnston. As a Christian, Jeff believes in honoring God in his work and play, with integrity, honesty, and respect for others.

     A lifelong hunter and recreational shooter, Jeff began competitive shooting in 2010, competing in 3Gun, USPSA, and IDPA at the local, state, regional, and national levels. With the completion of a private practice range in 2015, he is training hard and progressing in his shooting skills. He has competed in 17 major matches and more than 50 club level matches in the last 2 years alone, adding many top 5 finishes to his achievements.

    Representing some of the finest companies in the shooting industry, Jeff is poised to take the shooting sports by storm. Companies like Atibal, that provide him with world class optics, will give him the edge to be a winner!


    Adolphus Jones

    Adolphus served as a law enforcement patrol officer with Independent Special Police in Charlotte, NC from 1999-2002.  Since joining the Independent Special Police force in 1999, his passion with firearms and shooting grew into a passion of competing. 

    Starting in 2009, he expanded his general shooting interests to include several competitive shooting sports (IDPA, USPSA & 3-Gun) and routinely competes on the weekends in NC, SC, and surrounding states.  In his first major IDPA match he finished 3rd CDP/SS and was awarded most accurate.  In 2014, He has also competed Spartanburg Showdown Championship and came 1st CDP/SS, competed in the South Carolina PRO-AM Championship and finished 2nd ESP/EX, and laslty competed in VA State IPDA Championship CDP/SS and was awarded most accurate.  

    Also in 2015 he had some top finishes.  First, the Spartanburg Showdown Championship where he placed 2nd ESP/EX and most accurate.  Secondly, he came in in 11th place ESP in the VA State Championship.

    Along with his competitions, Adolphus has also mentored the Piedmomont Middle School Shooting Team and became a NRA Range Safety Officer and Certified Firearms Instructor.


    Jesse William Watson

    Jesse Watson is the youngest Atibal team member. Despite being 19 years old, he has already built an impressive resume. His most notable finish was 3rd Junior at the World Speed Shooting Championships in San Luis Obispo, California. He was born in Bend, Oregon but currently resides in Moscow, Idaho and attends the University of Idaho. He is a computer science major and hopes to use his knowledge to help our great country secure cyberspace.

    When Jesse is not tearing up a 3Gun stage, you can probably find him hanging out with his fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha. If not, he is probably enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest by hunting or fishing. Jesse uses his Atibal XP8 to stay ahead of the game. His sights are always on target!

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