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    When it comes to optics, no one company is perfect.

    When it comes to red dots, Aimpoints are the Holy Grail and if you can afford one get one. But that doesn't mean that they're excused from making defective products. Do an easy Google search and type in "Broken Aimpoint", "Broken Vortex", or an other optic company and you will find forums of their products not working properly. Here are a couple of links:



    This doesn't mean their products are crap. You have to remember that these products are being massed produced and assembled by humans. As we all know humans are not perfect. I can tell you right now, we are not perfect and Atibal has sold some defective units before but it's how our customer service handles the issue. The other factor is is quality control, you can minimize the chances of defective unit going out with high standard of quality control. Even that is not perfect, because guess who is doing the quality control? That's right, HUMANS.

    Before Jumping off the "DEEP END" and saying this product sucks give the company a chance to resolve the situation. If the company does not, than you have every right to call them out.

    Here is a review of us selling a defective unit and replacing it with great results:

    "Couldn't be happier with the sight. Both the site and the company (customer service) far exceeds expectations. Bought this site and ended up having some problems with it shutting off over the course of a long W/E and about 500 rounds of 7.69. Called the company to return it under warranty and they seemed both genuinely surprised, and concerned that it was defective. I was all about just returning it for a refund, but they talked me into getting a replacement. I'm glad I did, the second one has been amazing and continues to operate exceptionally well after more than 1K rounds of 7.62, about 300 rounds of 12ga, and 500 rounds of 5.56. It's a great site. Bottom line, my Aimpoint is going up for sale and the proceeds are going towards purchasing a couple more of these so I don't need to keep switching it between guns"

    We also had another issue with an MCRD but before we even knew about the issue, this customer went off the deep end. We did replace the MCRD but have not heard anything back from the customer even after we left numerous emails and voicemails to have him update his review. So... we assume everything is good.

    "I got it March 7th and noticed that the red dot was blurry like looking at 2 red dots over each other so I thought maybe its because it was too dark in our room and so I will just wait til I get to the range. Today I finally took it to the range and the red dot looks fine, not blurry out in the sun. Shot my 1st 10rds (Ca mags) everything was fine. On my 2nd set the red dot disappeared after shooting 15 rounds. Hmm.. Maybe it turned off, power switch was not working.. Maybe the cap on the battery compartment came loose... There it is, the battery compartment cover was off and the battery fell off but wait... Thats not the opening where you insert the battery. It was the other side where it was supposed to be closed. The cover is hanging by a wire. Wtf Atibal?"

    So, this just goes to show that Atibal, Aimpoints, Vortex, Bushnell, and etc will all have issues. No one is excused. It really comes down to how is situation handled when you do get a defective unit. Before buying an optic, you want make sure if they have a great warranty, good customer service, and that the defective unit you bought is not a prevalent problem (making sure that the good reviews out weigh the negative reviews by a big margin).

    "Built in the USA" and "Made in the USA" are not the same

    "Built in the USA" and "Made in the USA" are not the same!

    Made in USA means that “all or virtually all” the product has been made in America -FTC.GOV

    I can buy a set of Lego's build it here and say that it was built in the USA. But using the term "Built in the USA" is very deceiving. There are optics companies that are still using this term to protect their brand and image and deceiving the customer. It's time to come out and just say where your all your stuff is coming from and stop using the term "built with foreign sourced components". Just say China, Philippines, Taiwan, and etc. instead of beating around the bush. It's easy, we will do it right now. ALL OF ATIBAL IS MADE IN CHINA. (Until the 1-4x comes out and it's made in Japan)

    There is only one true company that can truly say "MADE IN AMERICA" and that is Trijicon. BUT only certain models from the ACOG and VCOG and most other models come from Japan.

    So...if doesn't say MADE IN THE USA than it's NOT MADE IN THE USA! Using a name for example "USA Optical Company" and to have customers believe your optics are made here based on the company's name is deceptive. Stating built, machined, or any other term is deceptive.

    For more info https://www.ftc.gov/…/…/guidance/complying-made-usa-standard

    Handle It: 14 Elite AR-15 Charging Handles

    "While many elements of the AR-15 platform are ingeniously engineered and have held up well over time, there are certain parts of it that can use updates over its nearly 60-year-old design. Because the way the rifle’s manual of arms has evolved over the decades, its controls must too. The standard charging handle that comes with most AR-15s is just one of those parts that is due for a modern intervention. Current-day weapon manipulation concepts place more force on the charging handle than that of the past. As a result, in its standard form, the charging handle can be difficult to use and clumsy to manipulate.

    The handle’s thin release latch gives the user little leverage when pulled on and at times can even make it feel as if the bolt carrier group is putting up a fight from being racked back. Obviously, this is not an advantageous feature when trying to clear malfunctions. Aside from operational flaws, there are mechanical drawbacks too. When charging the rifle, the handle is pulled back at an angle and the tiny 1/16-inch roll pin that keeps the charging handle’s latch in place bears most of the applied force, making it a potential failure point. In fact, we’ve seen roll pins fail a couple of times, putting an end to that rifle’s use for the day.

    This may not be a big deal when you’re out at the range for some casual plinking, but it could be a bigger concern when taking a shooting class you spent some major cash to be in or while in a shooting competition when every point counts. What’s even worse is if it fails when you’re in a life-threatening defensive situation. Fortunately, there is a solution to these problems. Or more accurately, there are many very well thought out and innovative solutions to these problems in the form of aftermarket charging handles.

    At first, aftermarket charging handles started out alleviating the problem of leverage by simply changing out the stock thin latches with larger latches. But these latches were directly swapped out and still used the failure-prone 1/16-inch roll pin and original charging handle’s architecture. As development carried on, designers and engineers came to market with their own solutions to the problem. Now we are fortunate to be able to choose from a large selection of well-designed charging handles that solve or ease the aforementioned problems as well as others, such as the lack of ambidextrous use of the original design."

    (Article from http://www.tactical-life.com/gear/14-elite-ar-15-charging-handles/#ballf15-ch-beatenzone)

    SHOT SHOW was F@#$*^% AWESOME!

    We had a great time at SHOT SHOW and met a lot of great people and companies. One in particular, Aero Precision USA. Their people were great and engaging and eager to grow their company as much as we want to grow ours. Not to mention their logo also reminds me of ours. Could this be a perfect match? We think so!

    As a official dealer for Aero Precision we will now offer sales on all their products directly through our website. Keep checking back daily as we will continue to add more and more bad ass Aero Precision Products! ENJOY!


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